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Transported to a Slower Time

The Empress Kissed by Snow

The snow falls softly, gently caressing the landscape below, creating an air of stillness and peace. For a moment, I am transported to a slower time where the pace of life no longer steals the breath from my body, but rejuvenates my being. There are no hectic schedules, no deadlines, no to do lists, no voices interrupting my thoughts. I am one with the land below my feet and the landscape before me. I am the balance they proffer and the serenity in my soul. Perhaps for the first time in my life, I experience life as it is truly meant to be experienced and I feel free.

Photo: I grabbed my camera and headed out during today's blizzard for a brief walk to capture this photo of The Empress Kissed by Snow. That's my century-old, two-storey barn on the left of this statuesque Victorian-era apple tree named The Empress.

In the days, months, and hopefully years ahead, I’ll share with you my homesteading adventures, as well as insights, tips, recipes, and instructions for leading a more self-sufficient life blended with inspirational prose and photography. You might not find an apple orchard in your future, but you will undoubtedly find plentiful amounts of happiness and fulfillment on this exciting journey.


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