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I am creating a team of people from around the world who are helping me to spread the healing power of aromatherapy that goes far beyond typical bath and body uses.  Are you looking to get wholesale discounts on high quality essential oils, start a fulfilling career helping people, or earn money while doing meaningful work? You've come to the right place.  You don't need any experience at all.  If you just want to purchase quality oils at wholesale prices, I'll help you get started right away. If you want to build a business selling essential oils and related products, I'll help you from start to success.


Benefits of Working with Me*

1) I provide a free e-book and a free aromatherapy e-newsletter subscription that will enable you to draw upon my knowledge and build your own understanding of essential oils, when you sign up as a Wholesaler or Wellness Advocate with me. Either way, you can SAVE 25% OFF ALL OF THE ESSENTIAL OILS YOU BUY! If you want to earn money while helping others, sign up as a Wellness Advocate. If you don't want to sell, sign up as a Wholesaler. And, there's NO MINIMUM MONTHLY ORDER!  You can also contact me below and I'll help you choose the best option for you and help you get set up.

2) I offer exclusive coaching to my team members so they learn the basics of aromatherapy and using essential oils all the way up to advanced aromatherapy practice. This coaching is only available through my exclusive Facebook aromatherapy group.

3) As an international best-selling & 20-time book author and popular blogger for an audience of over 37 million people, I have a massive worldwide following from which to help YOU build your essential oil team and potential earnings, if you choose to sign up as a Wellness Advocate.

4) When you sign up as part of my team, you can offer the free e-book and free aromatherapy e-newsletter as an incentive to others to grow your business, should you wish to build one. This unique incentive is only available to my team members.

5) Because I maintain a database of many thousands of fans and followers I regularly promote my team, which in turn helps you grow your business.

6) I have been a well-established doctor of natural medicine and natural health expert for 25 years. When I tell people about the benefits of aromatherapy they recognize the validity of this information.  There is a lot of misinformation on the internet but you can count on the straight goods from me.


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* Dr. Cook reserves the right to substitute or cancel these items at any time without prior notice.

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doterra business opportunity featured in First for Women magazine

This amazing opportunity was featured in First for Women Magazine.

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