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Sea Buckthorn: Ancient Healer and Modern Superfood

An ancient Tibetan healing secret is finally being discovered Sea buckthorn has been used for skin, eye, GI, breathing, and weight disordersin the West.  For thousands of years Tibetans used a fruit that grows wild in the Himalayan Mountains as food and medicine to treat many serious health conditions ranging from breathing disorders to skin problems.  Now science is proving that sea buckthorn is potent natural medicine.

Like many superfoods, sea buckthorn contains numerous powerful antioxidants that help the body deal with free radical damage (now linked to almost every illness and aging).  But sea buckthorn doesn’t stop there, it is also an excellent source of important Omega 7s.  That’s not a typo.  You may have heard of Omega 3s, 6s, and 9s, but 7s are also important.  And sea buckthorn is one of the best sources of this critical essential fat.

Nutrient Powerhouse

Sea buckthorn also contains over 190 nutrients and phytonutrients, making it an extreme superfood.  It has plentiful amounts of flavonoids—phytonutrients found in research to prevent cancer cells from multiplying while reducing pain and inflammation, and contributing to weight loss in overweight individuals.  The superfruit also contains plentiful amounts of the important healing enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD)—actually, four times more than ginseng, another good source of SOD.

Breathing Conditions and Heart Disease

Asthma, chronic coughs, other breathing disorders, and skin conditions are a few of the traditional uses for sea buckthorn, but it has also been shown to improve the health of eyes, mouth, and mucous membranes.  Other research shows it dramatically reduces harmful cholesterol levels and C-reactive protein, which is known to inflame and damage cells and be linked to illnesses like heart disease.

GI Healing

Its anti-ulcer compounds combined with its natural anti-inflammatories make sea buckthorn an excellent choice for gastrointestinal complaints.  The oil appears to provide a protective and healing coating to the stomach and gastrointestinal (GI) tract, reducing the effects of harmful microbes like E-coli.

Skin Regenerator

When it comes to skin conditions, it has been shown effective in a wide variety of ailments, including:  acne, burns, dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, stretch marks, and wounds.  Many of its 190 nutrients are likely at work in these conditions but its high amounts of Omega 7s cause skin cell regeneration, minimizing wrinkling and the appearance of aging skin.  Based on research published in the journal Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications scientists concluded that sea buckthorn could be used as a therapeutic agent against inflammatory skin diseases.

Cancer Fighter

Sea buckthorn’s cancer-fighting abilities are impressive.  In a study published in ISRN Pharmacology, researchers found that sea buckthorn was effective at killing cancer cells and lymphatic leukemia.  Other research published in the journals Fitoterapia and Nutrition and Cancer showed that seabuckthorn exhibited remarkable antitumor activity and anticancer effects.

Weight Loss

As if all of the above wasn’t enough reason to love sea buckthorn, this overachieving superfruit also helps with weight loss.  Few foods can match sea buckthorn’s high levels of Omega 7s which work as signals to stop the body from storing fat.  It also helps people keep the weight off once its lost.

Cognitive and Motor Impairment

Multiple studies show sea buckthorn’s effectiveness at reducing cognitive impairment and the treatment of a condition called dyskinesia.  Dyskinesia is a degenerative neurological condition involving motor impairment.  Research published in Medical Science Monitor found that sea buckthorn fruit extract has a protective effect against dyskinesia.

Super-immunity, Energy-Boosting, and UV Protection

It’s no surprise that any food this rich in nutrients would also boost the immune system and energy levels.  Sea buckthorn oil also works as a natural sun-protectant

What to Look For

Diesel fuel is used in the processing of most sea buckthorn on the market, even by many companies claiming “vegetable oils” used in the extraction of sea buckthorn’s therapeutic compounds.  I found a company (Natura-Nutra) that never uses diesel in its extraction processes and has committed to the highest standards of purity.  There are many different sea buckthorn products, including:  berry oil and berry oil capsules, seed oil and seed oil capsules, powder concentrates and capsules containing the concentrated powder, as well as skin care products.  Use COUPON CODE MC2399 to save 15% on all Natura-Nutra sea buckthorn products.

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Hi Dr. Michelle,

I purchased the Anti Aging Moisturizer using the 15% coupon last year. I have been trying unsuccessfully to reorder the product. Do you know if the company went out of business or if there is another vendor who carries the Natura Nutra Skin Care Line? I love the product and hope I can still purchase it.

Thanks so much,



Hi my mother has lung infection which cannot be cured, and is controlled by steroids to avoid spreading. Can this work for her?


can you advise on what would be benificial for my husbandwho suffers with pulmonary fibrosuos. especially this weather, he constantly gets a cold. which if not treated with antibiotics turns to infection. Which in turn affects his breathing, Any advice you can give would be appreicated. Thankyou


I have allergies that can cause an asthma attack and high blood pressure. Which form of the sea buckthorn is best for me?


My Daughter has Down syndrome. My husband tells me that the 21st chromosome is responsible for the production of superoxide dismutase. Seeing that my Daughter has three of thos chromosomes - Is it likely that she already produces enough of the superoxide dismutase. Is it possible to hae too many superoxide dismutase in the system?

Thank you
Dawn DeFrance


Sea buckthorn is equipped with almost everything your body needs.It also helps in protecting against type-2 diabetes.

A study published in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that the sea buckthorn berry reduced the post-meal blood sugar levels.


Very encouraged by the medical claims for sea blackthorn. I suffer from allergic asthma requiring steroid treatment when inflamed so anything to reduce the amount of chemicals to control my asthma is welcome news. A friend is going to India soon. Is there anything she can look for toring back?


Am I right in understanding that this is a supplement in pill form?... when you talk about berry oil, berry oil capsules, or the powder concentrate.... these are all ingestable capsules, right?... I want to make sure I'm looking for the right product. Many thanks! I follow your blogs and website avidly and find it very informative.


Will this help SLE patients w/gout? I have alot of health issues & I don't like these drugs. Anything that I can do to heal myself rather than treat symptoms is ideal... Thanks.



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